ICX: Is It Undervalued or Am I Missing Something?

Author: crypto_spaced

ICX was supposed to be the Korean Ethereum. That’s all I heard in 2017. It actually looked like that was going to be the case when it mooned to $12+ dollars. Since then, they’ve built a strong community, launched mainnet with solid staking, launched some DApps, MyID coming in August, Community Grant Program, Oracle (BAND) integration, tons of partnerships, etc. Yet, when you look at the price they seem to be struggling.

I’ve seen some of the grumblings on Twitter and Telegram about the lack of communication and lack of robust DApp tools to easily onboard Devs/projects. I find it hard to believe those things alone are keeping the price down. On the surface ICX is a must hold. It just seems inevitable in this environment for the price to climb out of this .35 -.42 cent zone.

The potential seems to be there and I constantly see updates on things they’re doing, that’s why some of the sentiment and the price really surprise me. I would be shocked if we don’t see a major ICX run in the next week or so.

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