IoTeX Burn-Drop IGNITE a Huge Success

Author: iotex_usa

IoTeX Burn-Drop IGNITE had an excellent first week. Follow here: Burn-Drop Stats

Ignite Week 1 Metrics:

 • 2500+ Buckets (+15% weekly)

• 850M IOTX staked (+40% weekly)

• 1.5M IOTX dropped to #IoTeX community!

If you’re not staking on IoTeX, you’re really missing out. The ecosystem is growing daily and participation in the network by staking secures the network and earns you some IoTeX .

It’s easy to start staking on IoTeX. Detailed Instructions:

1. Obtain IOTX in exchanges

2. Download ioPay for Desktop or Mobile

3. Login to ioPay

4. Visit voting website ( ) to stake/vote

5. Select Delegate and Voting Parameters

6. Sign transaction via ioPay

Congratulations, you staked/voted with Native IOTX via ioPay!


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