IoTeX’s decentralized identity (DID) spec for people and devices has been accepted by UniResolver!

Author: iotex_usa

IoTeX’s ‘did:io’ is now interoperable with any decentralized identity system, including all World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) DIDs, to bring device identity to the masses.


Self-sovereign identity is user- and device-centric where an individual or organization or device is able to own its own identity attributes without relying on third-party service providers. Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) are a new type of identifier for verifiable ‘self-sovereign’ digital identity for individuals, organizations and things. DIDs have the following important properties:

  • Decentralized: DIDs are designed to function without a central registration authority. DIDs are registered in blockchain or other decentralized network.
  • Cryptographically Verifiable: DIDs are designed to be associated with cryptographic keys and the entities controlling the DID can use those keys to prove ownership.
  • Non-Reassignable: DIDs should be permanent, persistent, and non-reassignable.
  • Resolvable: DIDs are made useful through resolution.

IoTeX’s DID design allows each manufacture or entity to have its own namespace, which stores and manages DIDs through a self-managed DID contract. A self-managed contract could have customized business logic to adapt the application’s needs but has to implement the SelfManagedDID interface.

More info available here: IoTeX DID on GitHub


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