Portfolio Battle: High Cap vs Low Cap vs DeFi. An August Challenge (Final Update 8/31)

Author: crypto_spaced

DeFi dominated this challenge!!!!! Here’s the FINAL breakdown and gains since the 8/3 original post , 1st update on 8/12 , 2nd update on 8/17, and 3rd update on 8/24 by category:

High Caps: 16.92% gains

Low Caps: 3.69% gains

Defi: 79.98% gains

Overall: 32.50% gains

Overall USD unrealized gains: $5,199.36

This was fun. The microcaps started with a bang and for a second I though they had a chance. DeFi was just too dominant. The lack of liquidity in the microcaps shows how fast they can climb and tank. Overall, the portfolio made nice gains. Had I gone with mid-caps instead of microcaps, I ‘m sure I would have pushed $10K unrealized gains for the month of August.

Botom line, this has me really excitied about the market as a whole. This shows how you can quickly rack up gains if you’re in the right coins. 66% of the coins I selected made gains over the month of August. not bad.

Here’s the final spreadsheet snapshot for today:

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